Ali Karagoz

A Software Developer living in Angers, France. I sometimes take photos.

Angers, France.

What you are seeing is not snow but hailstone, the poor lady had pain to walk with her dog under the storm. If you want to see an incredible hail storm check this video. By the way I've some more pictures to show you from London and maybe Budapest because I'm going there for one week. Angers, France

Just a wink to the actual crisis at Renault and all other car industries. Beautiful car isn't it? Angers, France.

The wind was cold and this man had pain to cross the bridge. Angers, France

The red thing is a broken umbrella. Someone may have left it here after the strong winds broken it. For the little story, we had severe storms in the south of France last week, the strongest for 10 years.

I call this street "The Street of the death" because it's very scary when you walk alone there in the night Angers, France.

This is the infamous "pot à clé" which literally mean the key pot. For those who don't know, I live at the second floor of an old lovely house and when someone comes at home we send down this pot to the person. There is no intercom to open the door so we put the keys in the pot. the drawing is from me. Angers, France

Another part portrait of Elodie. Angers, France.

Front door of the a contemporary dance school.

Angers, France.

A long time has passed since my last picture, I'm as sorry as you on this point and I'll try to re-motivate myself and find more time to take pictures. On the pic you can see my yeti toes. Angers, France

Picture taken near the flat, you can see in the background a peace of the church which does an terrible sound every Saturday mornings... The title is for the car Citroen Picasso. smaller version on Flickr Place du Lycée, Angers, France.

Mines of Trelaze near Angers, France.

the round thing is a magnifying glass ;) Angers, France.

Long exposure through the window of my flat with a ND400 filter. By the way I made some changes on the photoblog; I added a paged archive for those who have low bandwidth connection and the comments made on flickr are readable here on the photoblog. Please let me now if you see any problem. Place du Lycée, Angers.

Angers, France.

Picture taken in the train station parking, where I took the previous one Angers, France.

Portrait of an homeless guy near the train station, he asked me a picture of him but he absolutely wanted his bottle on the picture : "This is all my life" he said to me. Train station of Angers, France.

Elodie aka Madame Catastrophe which means in french "Misses Desaster", we were on the deserted. By the way you may have noticed that I post less and less pictures and when I post I have to go in my archives. The lack of time du to my studies and parallel school projects are the different reasons. This do not mean that I'm abandoning photography, not at all. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to come here ;) Angers, France.

Bnf, Paris, France.

a warehouse in Angers. Angers, France.

Les Quais, Angers, France.

From the roof of "Le Quai" Theater Les Quais de la Maine, Angers, France.

As I said before it is a unique place Quais de la Maine, Angers, France.

An other shot of the new theater of Angers, it is a huge peace of art for those who like architecture. Quais de la Maine, Angers, France.

I'm not yet familiar with long exposures but I think I'll try several more on an other spot. If you have some good advises about it don't hesitate to contact me! Le Chateau, Angers, France.

A panorama of "Le Quai" made from six picture. This is the newly constructed theater in Angers. A very beautiful building. Angers, France.

An other shot from the bridge, my hands were shaky Angers, France.

It took me more than 10 months to have the authorization to take Elodie's portrait. Sorry for the two personal posts. Angers, France.

Boulevard Ayrault, Angers, France.

Abandoned warehouse in Angers last weekend. Pont Noir, Angers, France.

There is something I like about this picture but I can't tell what. Rue de la Madelaine, Angers, France.

Trelaze, France.

An abandoned house. Trelaze, France.

Not very far from the train station, I met a strange guy. Angers, France.

During a little excursion in a lost village, very uncommon place. have to see! Trelaze, France.

A little excursion at the abandoned ardoiseries of Trelaze, la little jump in a lost warehouse, fascinating place. Trelaze, France.

Usually I don't like animal pictures but I'm proud of this one and I wanted to keep something of our little cat who unfortunately has to leave. Angers, France.

Last 3rd March 2007 took place the Gala of the ESEO (the school where I'm studying) and during this event the organizer asked to me and my comrades to expose our photographs, here is one of the only picture of the exhibition. honesty I didn't know how my pictures would welcomed. I had some good echoes, it's very gratifying because this is a thing that holds me with heart! Centre de Congrès, Angers, France.

Here the new version of the website, the design is more friendly in my opinion et you'll have more pleasure to browse the photographies. There is still a few things to do yet.. Concerning the shot, it was taken the same day than the other day in an abandoned warehouse, a beautiful place that a haven't captured so well. Angers, France.

An abandoned warehouse near the Chabada (a concert hall), the title is from the place, very inspired! Angers, France.

In an abandoned warehouse of the SNCF, the thing you can see on the photograph is a reel. The place was deserted, it started to rain and we had to leave our exploration. Angers, France.

Just like a dream. Angers, France.

Here I'm again with a self portrait, this one is humbly inspired by tendence floue Angers, France.

It's green, silent and often a meeting place. I like this one but I don't really know why. Rue de la Madelaine, Angers, France.

It was during the 50th anniversary of my school and I was hired as a photographer. I liked their music a lot, a great moment to share with you. Centre de Congres, Angers, France.

Centre de Congrés, Angers, France.

Martin, me, Laurent and ball. At Fab and Flo's. Angers, France.

Madelaine street, Angers, France.

Taken yesterday evening , discovered this morning. Angers, France.

Gaumont Multiplex, Angers, France.

Where I live most of the time. Expressive sky isn't it? Bressigny street, Angers, France.

Angers, France.

Angers, France.

Angers, France.

Angers, France.

Depressive view, maybe the mood of the moment. ESEO, Angers, France.

During Physical Sciences course, ESEO, Angers, France.

Rue Volvney, Angers, France.

once happen a time two people were in love

I think I can't sleep a night in that house.

Here is my prison, 9m² just for me... I don't know but when I go into my room I've a huge sleeping desire.