Ali Karagoz

A Software Developer living in Angers, France. I sometimes take photos.

The man on the first plan has an interesting expression.

Vatican Museum, Rome, Italia.

Colomban taken in Paris, France.

As I said in one of the previous post I'll be posting series of photos taken with an analogue camera. These photos have been taken during a trip to Bali last september. I waited almost one year to develop and scan them. Better late than never!

I'm posting here the remaining picture of my Boston pictures taken with the Leica. This is the first post of a series taken with the combo Leica M6 and Cron 35. As usual these are very random pictures without any order.

After seeing Severin Koller's beautiful photos I recently acquired a Leica to try real street photography, here are the first photos. The films have been developed and scanned by a lab here in Paris. I've to admit that I'm not really satisfied by the work done by those guys that's why I'm planning to buy a scanner and develop on my own. Also I think I've to get used to this camera and try to take better photos with it.

Holland Park Station, London.

I think I had never seen such a gang of pigeons in Paris. Barbès, Paris.

I was in the metro waiting for Elodie. I thought taking a picture of this man would do a good image. I took this one just after people got it the train so I could peacefully do my job. I think I should switch to a wider lens, thing that I would do if I find a cheap used Canon 35mm, any idea where I can find one? Metro Télégraphe, Paris.

Paris, France

Nice eye contact with the mad man in the background. Paris, France

A rainy day in Paris. For that picture I wanted to focus on the men's reflection in the water that's why they are a bit blur. Ho, and by the way, that day I forgot the change the settings of the camera, this is the reason why I'm at ISO3200 :)

Just converted it in B&W with small level adjustments La Defense, Paris, France

The girl wanted her mother to take a picture like that, I was there and took her too! La Defense, Paris, France.

Long checking the last poker-istic news before sleeping in my temporary flat. The D700 is always surprising me with low lights! Late in the night, Paris, France

Angers, France.

Macclesfield Street (Chinatown), London

What you are seeing is not snow but hailstone, the poor lady had pain to walk with her dog under the storm. If you want to see an incredible hail storm check this video. By the way I've some more pictures to show you from London and maybe Budapest because I'm going there for one week. Angers, France

Just a wink to the actual crisis at Renault and all other car industries. Beautiful car isn't it? Angers, France.

I like how this guy look at the flame and how his finger is making a hook, captain hook. Tours, France.

I tried to have the three men on the picture, they were waiting on the line to be the firsts in the train. It's funny to see how people try to avoid you and your look in the metro, it's easy then to take a picture. One day I took a photo of an homeless, he saw me and I felt uncomfortable because he seemed to be pissed off. Metro, Paris, France.

Corbeil-Essonnes, France.

BNF, Paris, France.

Vernon, France.

Paris, France.

St Pierre-des-Corps near Tours, France.

La Defense, Paris, France.

Picture taken today in Nantes while we were going (Elodie and I) to Ikea, It's a shame there is no Ikea here in Angers... Nantes, France.

Elodie aka Madame Catastrophe which means in french "Misses Desaster", we were on the deserted. By the way you may have noticed that I post less and less pictures and when I post I have to go in my archives. The lack of time du to my studies and parallel school projects are the different reasons. This do not mean that I'm abandoning photography, not at all. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to come here ;) Angers, France.

Tourists lost a lot of money with those guys, the picture was taken last November near Montmartre (Paris). Paris, France.

CNIT, La Defense, Paris.

La Defense, Paris, France.

I had never seen such a manhole cover before this day (I'm not sure of the translation, correct me if I'm wrong) Le Marais, Paris, France.

The EDF tower in La Défense. Image composed on two picture because I've had no wider lense. La Defense, Paris, France.

Piriac, France.

My friend Fabien, handsome man. Piriac, France.

Black and white version of one of the favorite pics I took. Corbeil-Essonnes, France

Boulevard Ayrault, Angers, France.

BNF, Paris, France.

Shutter speed rules. Corbeil-Essonnes, France.

Not very far from the train station, I met a strange guy. Angers, France.

During a little excursion in a lost village, very uncommon place. have to see! Trelaze, France.

Last 3rd March 2007 took place the Gala of the ESEO (the school where I'm studying) and during this event the organizer asked to me and my comrades to expose our photographs, here is one of the only picture of the exhibition. honesty I didn't know how my pictures would welcomed. I had some good echoes, it's very gratifying because this is a thing that holds me with heart! Centre de Congrès, Angers, France.

Here the new version of the website, the design is more friendly in my opinion et you'll have more pleasure to browse the photographies. There is still a few things to do yet.. Concerning the shot, it was taken the same day than the other day in an abandoned warehouse, a beautiful place that a haven't captured so well. Angers, France.

An abandoned warehouse near the Chabada (a concert hall), the title is from the place, very inspired! Angers, France.

In an abandoned warehouse of the SNCF, the thing you can see on the photograph is a reel. The place was deserted, it started to rain and we had to leave our exploration. Angers, France.

In the middle of nowhere. Parking Champ Girault, Tours, France.

Centre de Congrés, Angers, France.

Self portrait with some raw experimentations.

Martin, me, Laurent and ball. At Fab and Flo's. Angers, France.

déj vu.

It's up to you to imagine the story behind this picture, I'm curious to know your interpretations. Chanceaux, France.

Saint Pierre des Corps, France.

Saint Pierre des Corps, France.

Saint Pierre des Corps, France.

Rives du Cher, Tours, France.

Yesterday evening during the match France-Spain (3-1). It was a challenge to stay there, in front of this crowd! Place Plum', Tours, France.

Madelaine street, Angers, France.

Taken yesterday evening , discovered this morning. Angers, France.

Gaumont Multiplex, Angers, France.

Metro, Paris, France.

Saygin trying to shelter because it was raining cats and dogs. Trocadero, Paris, France.

Don't you feel lonely when you look at her? I do. Montmartre, Paris, France. 07h45

At the train station the other day. Tours-Centre, France.

Tours, France.

I heard children cries coming from this tunnel. I was just curious to know what they were doing in this uncommon place, and I discovered two very young girls (6 or 7 years) singing and smiling. There were just walking to reach the other side of the street. I made a big smile not to scare them (they smiled too) and I was wondering : It's not a place for two young girls. Tours, France

Tours, France.

First self portrait with my new friend! As you can see, it bring something new, a little bit brighter. Tours, France.

My vision of dark and deserts places.

self in the bus, Tours, France.

Tours-Nord, France.

I'm a little lazy these last days, I need some rest! ps. which is the love line?

Tomorrow will be a better day for all of us.