Ali Karagoz

A Software Developer living in Angers, France. I sometimes take photos.

As I said in one of the previous post I'll be posting series of photos taken with an analogue camera. These photos have been taken during a trip to Bali last september. I waited almost one year to develop and scan them. Better late than never!

I'm posting here the remaining picture of my Boston pictures taken with the Leica. This is the first post of a series taken with the combo Leica M6 and Cron 35. As usual these are very random pictures without any order.

After seeing Severin Koller's beautiful photos I recently acquired a Leica to try real street photography, here are the first photos. The films have been developed and scanned by a lab here in Paris. I've to admit that I'm not really satisfied by the work done by those guys that's why I'm planning to buy a scanner and develop on my own. Also I think I've to get used to this camera and try to take better photos with it.