Ali Karagoz

A Software Developer living in Angers, France. I sometimes take photos.

Not so far from the Tower Bridge, London.

Holland Park Station, London.

Macclesfield Street (Chinatown), London

I added a new blog platform and I found it very useful. London, UK

The website was down for more than 48 hours. There was an technical problem with my hosting. The good point is that I did not loose any data, the bad point is that you pay a fortune for a good hosting and things like that happens. In advance, sorry for that Now concerning the picture, it was taken in a street near Piccadilly Circus, don't really remember the name of the street. I think I should consider investing in one of those geo-tracking gadgets. London, UK

A random smoker in the streets of London, don't really remember the Street. For the title I was inspired by the numbers on the car in the background. London, UK

New Oxford Street, London

Another picture from London near The Royal Festival Hall London, UK.

Shad Thames, London

The blue light here is due to the huge LED displays. Piccadilly Circus, London

I'll give a little tip that I use sometimes when I want to shoot candid portraits in the street / underground with a 50mm. Put the camera around your neck and up to your chest. Target your subject and try to frame and shoot, by this way the person will not mind you're shooting him. It will be a little hard to have a good picture the firsts times but with a little help you'll be able to take amazing candid portrait. Macclesfield Street (Chinatown), London

Underground, London

Fabien and me in the Tube thought a mirror Forgotten Station, London

I took this picture just after a small rain in Southwark, not far from the Tower Bridge. I liked the the car reflection on the puddle.

Back after a few days in London, I had the occasion to test the D700 and took a tons of photos. I hope I'll have a few more to show you West Kensington Station, London