Ali Karagoz

A Software Developer living in Angers, France. I sometimes take photos.

Montparnasse, Paris, France.

Back from a rainy weekend at the French sea side ! I was sitting in the metro next to this old woman while she was carefully listening a man, apparently a friend. She didn't hear me taking her portrait, with the camera on my knees. I often use this technic because I like the angle it gives and it's more discreet, I'm not disturbing anyone since they don't know I'm shooting them. You can see other example here, here or here. Paris, France.

I was in the metro waiting for Elodie. I thought taking a picture of this man would do a good image. I took this one just after people got it the train so I could peacefully do my job. I think I should switch to a wider lens, thing that I would do if I find a cheap used Canon 35mm, any idea where I can find one? Metro Télégraphe, Paris.

He moved the head and looked at me just when I pressed the shutter. Metro Télégraphe, Paris

You may have noticed some changes on the website, in fact I've completely reworked it. Switching from Pixelpost. I'm now able to post several photos at once, which was impossible with pixelpost. If you notice bugs or if you don't like some aspects, please contact me, thanks ;) Concerning these pictures, they have been taken lately, with no particular awesomeness.

The shutter sound of the D700 is becoming more and more problematic as I intend to improve my street photography. If you have an idea don't hesitate to drop me a message. Metro, Paris, France

A man speaking in his sleep. Boulogne-Bilancourt, Paris, France.

I wish I had an other lens to take close portraits like this one. A 28mm f/1,4 with a more silent shutter on a D700 would be perfect for metro shots. For the little story, this man was smoking and he didn't care me taking his portrait but I know that one of these days someone will punch me. Metro, Paris, France

I'm fascinated how the Nikon 50mm f/1,4 AF-S is sharp at full aperture, nothing very special with this one though. Metro 14, Paris, France.

Notice the man's camera style of photography. I was ashamed to have my camera with me this day and found him very disrespectful regarding the people his was shooting. I'm asking myself the question if I'm doing the same thing inadvertently... Most of the time I try to be very discreet. Metro, Paris, France

Lot of new things happened during the last two months; I moved to Paris (still looking for a none expensive and decent flat), I changed of school and right now doing an internship. Lets say those are the reasons why I was absent for almost 2 months. I don't even remember when I took this portrait. Because of the large amount of tourists in Paris, Parisians don't even care when someone takes a picture. Metro, Paris, France.

A man in the Budapest Metro at Batthyány tér which means Batthyány Square. It is located on the Buda side of the Danube river directly opposite the Hungarian Parliament Building.

Underground, London

Fabien and me in the Tube thought a mirror Forgotten Station, London

Back after a few days in London, I had the occasion to test the D700 and took a tons of photos. I hope I'll have a few more to show you West Kensington Station, London

I tried to have the three men on the picture, they were waiting on the line to be the firsts in the train. It's funny to see how people try to avoid you and your look in the metro, it's easy then to take a picture. One day I took a photo of an homeless, he saw me and I felt uncomfortable because he seemed to be pissed off. Metro, Paris, France.

Taken by my friend Michou with my cam. Metro, Paris, France.

In the Metro, my favorite place to shoot in Paris. Paris, France.

Metro, Paris, France.

In the metro some time ago. Metro, Paris, France.

Do you ask people before taking their picture? Metro, Paris, France.

Metro, Paris, France.

Elodie et moi étions dans le métro en direction de la BNF Metro, Paris, France.

A woman reading Ionesco in the metro, I don't know if it is a real escape but I like the idea. You can see through the window the wounds on our world, a violent world. In the RER, Corbeil-Essonne, France.

Metro, Paris, France.

It was in the metro, I sat in front of these people and tried to catch something, a picture, a mood, a feeling. I tried to imagine what she was thinking at. Her daughter was very careful because her mother was sleeping sometime and she had to look outside not to miss the station. Paris, France.

Metro, Paris, France.