Ali Karagoz

A Software Developer living in Angers, France. I sometimes take photos.

Picture taken in the train station parking, where I took the previous one Angers, France.

An abandoned warehouse near the Chabada (a concert hall), the title is from the place, very inspired! Angers, France.

In the middle of nowhere. Parking Champ Girault, Tours, France.

Chambray-les-Tours, France.

I always wanted to visit that place. I remember several years in the past, this commercial center was full of life, today this is empty and beautiful. Some people lived here, left and let their marks. Strangely the words I red were full of love, as if the knew that nobody would read them, a silent and peaceful love. Vieux Rally désaffecté, Chambray-les-Tours, France.

Corbeil-Essonnes, France.

Fabrice and his dream... Le Mans, France.

I met Louis last summer when I was hired as cleaner (again) , an eternal child who does not like to be photographed. He said to me with a big smile "I'm too handsome for you and your camera" , and I'm sure he's right. Tours, France.

Tours, France.