Ali Karagoz

A Software Developer living in Angers, France. I sometimes take photos.

A long time has passed since my last picture, I'm as sorry as you on this point and I'll try to re-motivate myself and find more time to take pictures. On the pic you can see my yeti toes. Angers, France

Hi, everyone it's been a long since I've posted a picture, I've not a lot of time and I want to concentrate on my studies a little. I'll come back with new pictures. cheers ;) Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.

Shutter speed rules. Corbeil-Essonnes, France.

In the middle of nowhere. Parking Champ Girault, Tours, France.

Here I'm again with a self portrait, this one is humbly inspired by tendence floue Angers, France.

Self portrait with some raw experimentations.

I took this shot focusing on a tap, pretty cool ! Piriac-sur-mer, France.

Chanceaux, France.

Tours, France.

Close your eyes, this is the last moment of your life. Tours, France.

Je t'aime / I love you

First self portrait with my new friend! As you can see, it bring something new, a little bit brighter. Tours, France.

self in the bus, Tours, France.

Depressive view, maybe the mood of the moment. ESEO, Angers, France.