Ali Karagoz

A Software Developer living in Angers, France. I sometimes take photos.

Little India, Singapore.

As I said in one of the previous post I'll be posting series of photos taken with an analogue camera. These photos have been taken during a trip to Bali last september. I waited almost one year to develop and scan them. Better late than never!

I'm posting here the remaining picture of my Boston pictures taken with the Leica. This is the first post of a series taken with the combo Leica M6 and Cron 35. As usual these are very random pictures without any order.

Going through my archives I stumbled upon un-posted photos of my short trip in Boston.

Fireworks of the Bastille day (14 juillet) in Vannes. This girl filmed all the fireworks with a camera phone and missed all the real beauty of the moment.

After seeing Severin Koller's beautiful photos I recently acquired a Leica to try real street photography, here are the first photos. The films have been developed and scanned by a lab here in Paris. I've to admit that I'm not really satisfied by the work done by those guys that's why I'm planning to buy a scanner and develop on my own. Also I think I've to get used to this camera and try to take better photos with it.

Taking the boat to visit the city on a rainy day, quite boring actually. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Wondering in the city at 7:00 after our arrival. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Took this picture while going at work (the morning). The sky had beautifully strange colors. Paris, France.

Holland Park Station, London.

I know it's been a long time... But here are some stills, they are posted in a very very random way so don't look for special meaning.

These are random pictures I took today while I was wandering in Paris.

I think I had never seen such a gang of pigeons in Paris. Barbès, Paris.

You may have noticed some changes on the website, in fact I've completely reworked it. Switching from Pixelpost. I'm now able to post several photos at once, which was impossible with pixelpost. If you notice bugs or if you don't like some aspects, please contact me, thanks ;) Concerning these pictures, they have been taken lately, with no particular awesomeness.

Paris, France

Paris, France

Nice eye contact with the mad man in the background. Paris, France

A rainy day in Paris. For that picture I wanted to focus on the men's reflection in the water that's why they are a bit blur. Ho, and by the way, that day I forgot the change the settings of the camera, this is the reason why I'm at ISO3200 :)

A "metro, boulot, photo" shot which literally means "metro, work, photo". It is the derivative of the famous French rhyme "Metro, Boulot, Dodo" which means "Metro, Work, Sleep", symbolizing routine of Parisian life. You may notice some reflexions because I was behind a glass. It was difficult to focus on the subject in this condition, and it was for me a way to test the 5d's autofocus. If you're enough curious you may see the shape of my arm in the glass. By the way that man was concentrated in writing a text message. Le Stade station, Colombes, France

I was walking out of the Saint Lazare's train station after work and here was a pretty sunset, I wanted to capture it. At this moment that guy asked me for a photo. I took several frames of him and his sleepy dog, showed him the photos I took, he was happy I think. He also wanted to showed me a photo of him several years ago, a young and happy man. He was a bit drunk and he couldn't talk intelligibly, I had no money on me that day, not even a coin to give him. The day after he was gone Saint Lazare train station, Paris, France

The girl wanted her mother to take a picture like that, I was there and took her too! La Defense, Paris, France.

Yesterday was the Nuit Blanche 2009 in Paris, an annual all-night arts festival. Paris, France.

Saint Paul, Paris, France

Macclesfield Street (Chinatown), London

I added a new blog platform and I found it very useful. London, UK

The website was down for more than 48 hours. There was an technical problem with my hosting. The good point is that I did not loose any data, the bad point is that you pay a fortune for a good hosting and things like that happens. In advance, sorry for that Now concerning the picture, it was taken in a street near Piccadilly Circus, don't really remember the name of the street. I think I should consider investing in one of those geo-tracking gadgets. London, UK

A random smoker in the streets of London, don't really remember the Street. For the title I was inspired by the numbers on the car in the background. London, UK

New Oxford Street, London

What you are seeing is not snow but hailstone, the poor lady had pain to walk with her dog under the storm. If you want to see an incredible hail storm check this video. By the way I've some more pictures to show you from London and maybe Budapest because I'm going there for one week. Angers, France

Shad Thames, London

The blue light here is due to the huge LED displays. Piccadilly Circus, London

I'll give a little tip that I use sometimes when I want to shoot candid portraits in the street / underground with a 50mm. Put the camera around your neck and up to your chest. Target your subject and try to frame and shoot, by this way the person will not mind you're shooting him. It will be a little hard to have a good picture the firsts times but with a little help you'll be able to take amazing candid portrait. Macclesfield Street (Chinatown), London

I took this picture just after a small rain in Southwark, not far from the Tower Bridge. I liked the the car reflection on the puddle.

Just a wink to the actual crisis at Renault and all other car industries. Beautiful car isn't it? Angers, France.

The wind was cold and this man had pain to cross the bridge. Angers, France

The red thing is a broken umbrella. Someone may have left it here after the strong winds broken it. For the little story, we had severe storms in the south of France last week, the strongest for 10 years.

Front door of the a contemporary dance school.

A long time has passed since my last picture, I'm as sorry as you on this point and I'll try to re-motivate myself and find more time to take pictures. On the pic you can see my yeti toes. Angers, France

Paris, France.

Picture taken near the flat, you can see in the background a peace of the church which does an terrible sound every Saturday mornings... The title is for the car Citroen Picasso. smaller version on Flickr Place du Lycée, Angers, France.

Long exposure through the window of my flat with a ND400 filter. By the way I made some changes on the photoblog; I added a paged archive for those who have low bandwidth connection and the comments made on flickr are readable here on the photoblog. Please let me now if you see any problem. Place du Lycée, Angers.

Picture taken today in Nantes while we were going (Elodie and I) to Ikea, It's a shame there is no Ikea here in Angers... Nantes, France.

Angers, France.

Picture taken in the train station parking, where I took the previous one Angers, France.

Portrait of an homeless guy near the train station, he asked me a picture of him but he absolutely wanted his bottle on the picture : "This is all my life" he said to me. Train station of Angers, France.

Bnf, Paris, France.

Tourists lost a lot of money with those guys, the picture was taken last November near Montmartre (Paris). Paris, France.

Paris, France.

I had never seen such a manhole cover before this day (I'm not sure of the translation, correct me if I'm wrong) Le Marais, Paris, France.

The EDF tower in La Défense. Image composed on two picture because I've had no wider lense. La Defense, Paris, France.

This man was writing an article for a newspaper. I immediately think at the tv show "Sex in the city" Paris, France.

The BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) or differently named "Bibliothèque Francois Mitterrand". This group of buildings have one of the most beautiful architecture I've ever seen. A must see place in Paris. BNF, Paris, France.

a warehouse in Angers. Angers, France.

Les Quais, Angers, France.

An other shot of the new theater of Angers, it is a huge peace of art for those who like architecture. Quais de la Maine, Angers, France.

In the metro some time ago. Metro, Paris, France.

I'm not yet familiar with long exposures but I think I'll try several more on an other spot. If you have some good advises about it don't hesitate to contact me! Le Chateau, Angers, France.

A panorama of "Le Quai" made from six picture. This is the newly constructed theater in Angers. A very beautiful building. Angers, France.

An other shot from the bridge, my hands were shaky Angers, France.

Saint Pierre is watching you, I have chosen this title to pay tribute to this tower I've been seeing for more than 10 years. It will survive us, Maybe. Saint Pierre des Corps, France.

An old couple in Paris, witness of the the "Crazy Years". Le Marais, Paris.

Black and white version of one of the favorite pics I took. Corbeil-Essonnes, France

La Défense, Paris, France.

Boulevard Ayrault, Angers, France.

Abandoned warehouse in Angers last weekend. Pont Noir, Angers, France.

Metro, Paris, France.

There is something I like about this picture but I can't tell what. Rue de la Madelaine, Angers, France.

Elodie et moi étions dans le métro en direction de la BNF Metro, Paris, France.

An abandoned wall in an abandoned place. A few days before the end of the exams and the come back to a descent life. Corbeil-Essonnes, France.

Baubourg, Paris, France.

Trelaze, France.

Not very far from the train station, I met a strange guy. Angers, France.

An abandoned warehouse near the Chabada (a concert hall), the title is from the place, very inspired! Angers, France.

I wish I had a better lens to capture that place. Parc de l'ile Simon, Tours, France.

Parc de l'ile Simon, Tours, France.

First time since a long time I went out with Canoni, I had forgotten how people are hostile to the lens as if we were criminal. Anyway Rue Eugene Sue, Tours, France.

Paris, France.

My cousin Saygin. Paris, France.

Paris, France.

Fat Tire Bike Tours. Paris, France.

Corbeil-Essonnes, France.

I saw this man walking in the street under a killing sun, it broke my heart to see this little peace of man in pain. I hesitated and asked him if he needed some help, he looked at me with a the beautiful smile of a wise man. I help him to open his door. That was my good action of the day. It's your turn. Tours-Centre, France.

I think I should take some vacation too...I'm over (exposed). Tours, France.

This young man was sleeping under a bridge, it was 7:30 and I was wondering before going to work. Quais de la Loire, Tours, France.

Tours, France.

Found this giant thing while I was wondering, do you have an idea of is it? Tours, France.

Madelaine street, Angers, France.

Taken yesterday evening , discovered this morning. Angers, France.

Gaumont Multiplex, Angers, France.

Wilson bridge, Tours, France.

A vision of tourism on the Moon for 2100... Quais de la Loire, Tours, France.

Fabrice and his dream... Le Mans, France.

Angers, France.

I met Louis last summer when I was hired as cleaner (again) , an eternal child who does not like to be photographed. He said to me with a big smile "I'm too handsome for you and your camera" , and I'm sure he's right. Tours, France.

This man was there sitting in front of the tribunal (just behind him). I looked at him and took several pictures, after looking at this picture I think he was posing for me. Tours, France.

Tours, France.

Today in the park. Quais de la Loire, Tours, France.

Saygin trying to shelter because it was raining cats and dogs. Trocadero, Paris, France.

Saygin and the giant thing (if someone can tell the name). La Défense, Paris, France.

Don't you feel lonely when you look at her? I do. Montmartre, Paris, France. 07h45

At the train station the other day. Tours-Centre, France.

Tours, France.

Tours, France.


I heard children cries coming from this tunnel. I was just curious to know what they were doing in this uncommon place, and I discovered two very young girls (6 or 7 years) singing and smiling. There were just walking to reach the other side of the street. I made a big smile not to scare them (they smiled too) and I was wondering : It's not a place for two young girls. Tours, France

Tours-Nord, France.

Tours, France.

Tours, France.

Je t'aime / I love you

The dark side of the Force. Tours, France.

Tours, France

A few more steps to reach the light, liberty.

Saint Symphorien, Tours, France.

Anil. Tours, France.

Tours, France.

My vision of dark and deserts places.

I'm fascinated by those clouds. Tours-Nord, France.

Angers, France.

Angers, France.

Tours-Nord, France.

Tours, France.

Anil near the College Ronsard, Tours, France.

Rue Volvney, Angers, France.

I think I can't sleep a night in that house.